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Memories are all we really own

Unless we remember we cannot understand

Marietta Edgecombe
13 December
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This journal is now retired with the ending of magic_life, but a newer version of Marietta can be found here at magic_war. Thanks for stopping by!

Name: Marietta Louise Edgecombe
House: Ravenclaw
Year: graduated, class of 1997

Appearance: Marietta is about 5'4" and generally average weight. She has curly reddish blonde hair and hazel eyes. For a while during and after her sixth year, she was sporting a purple 'SNEAK' across her nose and cheeks, but that was cleared up after a Summer at St. Mungo's.

Personality: Marietta Louise - little bitter warrior. That pretty much describes Marietta's personality in three words. She's not exactly brilliant at magic (she consistantly did the worst in Charms, Transfiguration and DADA throughout school), but she has a good mind for facts and figures and quite a good memory (when it's not being messed with). She can be curious, shrewd and discerning, thus giving her a place amongst the Ravenclaws even if her marks in most subjects (save Divination, which she excelled in) were less than stellar.

At this point, she also places a much higher value on memory. She feels that her Obliviation was unfair and although was fixable, is something she's still quite bitter about. Her worst fear is that something would happen to take her memories away again, because she can still remember the feeling that she was going mad in the months after her betrayal. She doesn't like to think about things that upset her, but she would much rather have upsetting memories than none.

Marietta can come off as a bit of a bitch, but that's really due to the defensive walls she's built around herself since sixth year. If you get to know her, you'll realise there really is a lovely person underneath, one who cares about her family and friends. She cares a bit too much about appearances and respectability, mainly due to her upbringing, but she's slowly starting to mature out of that.

History: There's way too much to fit in just a bit of profile space, so here's the condensed cliff notes. Marietta Edgecombe was born to Louis and Maria Edgecombe December 13, 1978. Her father was a former Gryffindor and a rather well known and liked diplomat and her mother a former Ravenclaw and employee in the Floo Network Office. When Marietta was two, her father was killed in a riot in Algeria and Marietta spent the next six months or so with her grandmother until her mum healed enough to take her home. Louis's death left an emotional (and a definite financial) strain on the family, but they were eventually able to pull through.

Marietta grew up a Ministry child. Ministry, Ministry, Ministry and it was always right. So you can see why Marietta was torn upon joining the DA her sixth year and finding out that they were saying the Ministry was wrong about this whole You-Know-Who thing. Not on. Especially when Maria told her how Harry Potter was communicating with mass murderer extraordinare Sirius Black through the Floo. She never wanted to be there (she was only going for Cho, who she didn't want to upset after Cedric's death), and eventually all the pressure, fear, stress and misconstrued Divination readings came down on her, and even though she never felt really good about it, she caved and went to Umbridge. And whoops, she didn't have the control she was hoping. It was then Kingsley Shacklebolt Obliviated her to keep her from saying anything else (though she maintains that she would have refused to say anything more by that point) and hell on Earth began.

At St. Mungo's, they were eventually able to get rid of the jinx and undo the Memory Charm (although it was a risky procedure - but a risk she was willing to take to get her mind back). Yay for that! Unfortunately, seventh year didn't turn out so good and Marietta made a lot of stupid mistakes, including getting pregnant (yeah...stupidity abounds). Her daughter, Louisa Elizabeth, was born August 26th, several weeks after she left school. Poor dear. Fortunately, she's had a few friends to stick by her side this whole time, namely Cho, an Auror named Tonks, and the wonderful (and very cute and lovely) returned ghost of Cedric Diggory.

Oh, and she has a job in the DMLE of the Ministry as a Forensic Diviner because she and her Seer skills are just that good. Nyah.

((OOC: Unfortunately, I don't own Marietta Edgecombe (as much as I might like to) nor her PB, I'm just playing in JKR's little world. This is the same player as sunny_lil_stace. Still not British so correction when I mess things up would be appreciated. Oy, and I just realized that Cho mentioned Marietta's 'parents' in OotP, even though Marietta is quite obviously from a single parent home, so I'm gonna say that since Marietta hears so much about her dad that she probably mentions him in conversation a lot, and since Cho was already flustered at that point as she was around Harry and all, she had a brain fart of sorts. Whee! It works! A more detailed account of Marietta and her history can be found here.))